Pre-Prep School

The Pre-Prep School includes Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. 

The hours are 8.50am – 3.40pm, Monday to Friday, three terms per year. 

Although the Pre-Prep school runs on a three-term basis, from 8.50am to 3.40pm, our extended hours service of 7.45am – 5.30pm is available to all pupils. During all half-term and holiday periods, we operate a Holiday Scheme for the Pre-Prep children. There is a separate daily charge for this as the children go out on many varied and interesting outings.

Hampstead Hill’s Pre-Preparatory Branch (Upper School) provides a sound academic education for 4+ to 7+ year old boys and girls, with emphasis on preparation for competitive entrance examinations to Preparatory and Junior Public Schools where the age on entry is 7+ or over. Pupils are accepted into Year 1 on the understanding that they remain until they are 7+ years of age.

The aim of the school curriculum is to enable pupils to achieve the necessary academic standards while at the same time fully developing their individual personalities and talents. Children leave Hampstead Hill School with the self-confidence that will enable them to enjoy and benefit fully from the new and exciting environment that awaits them at their next School.

One full term’s notice is required in writing before a pupil is withdrawn or fees will be charged in lieu.


Reading is an integral part of the Hampstead Hill School curriculum. We aim to foster an enjoyment of reading and a love of books. Children read daily on a one-to-one basis with a member of staff and also take part in paired reading with a friend and guided reading sessions in small groups. Upon joining the Upper School children become members of Keats Community Library where they are encouraged to select books of their own choice to take home and share with their families.

My favourite thing is sometimes for homework we have to discuss our books at home.

I love going to the library because I like to choose lots of books to take out.

I like reading the books at school because they have lots of funny bits.


Pupils at Hampstead Hill School benefit from an unusually interesting and attractive site in the heart of leafy Hampstead.

Pupils in Years 1 & 2 have their classrooms in the restored Grade 1 St. Stephen’s, which stands proudly in the upper section of the site.  They also have full use of all areas of this majestic building during the school day, including what must be one of the largest school halls in London. These 4 to 7 year olds have three outdoor playgrounds that they are able to use during their break times, a paved one, the central garden with all its equipment and a two-tier grass meadow for imaginative and creative play.

Pupils also have access to St. Stephen’s for movement and exercise classes, and the Reception Year music, singing and dance classes are all held there. This hall is also a wonderful venue for Reception Year shows.

The school benefits from being only a few minutes’ walk from all the wonders of Hampstead Heath with its various playgrounds as well as the historic and most interesting Kenwood Estate. We are also privileged to have special access to the South End Green Peace Garden and the Belsize Nature Reserve.


Hampstead Hill School gained ‘National Healthy School Status’ several years ago. All our lunches and snacks are prepared and/or cooked on site and wherever possible we use fresh, locally sourced produce. Any frozen and packaged foods contain ‘no’ added salt and/or sugar and are preservative and additive free.

ALL fresh meat, fruit and vegetable produce is delivered daily and all ‘meat alternative’ products are Soya based protein and egg free.

Our menu was designed with the help of a well-respected nutritionist and is available for download below.

Helping Your Child Keep Active And Healthy

Sports Provision

We believe Physical Education and Swimming Lessons provide each child with the opportunity to develop their core skills and confidence. The children take part in a variety of activities, including gymnastics, dance and games. They learn to be aware of and control their bodies and are taught the benefits of leading a healthy and active life.

In Reception Year, the children have PE, Forest School and Yoga lessons regularly. We have a two-storey sports hall on Courthope Road which is used for PE and we use the Heath and local Nature Reserve for forest school activities.

Children in Years 1 and 2 enjoy weekly Swimming and PE lessons at the Royal Free Recreation Centre. They learn about water safety and engage in a variety of activities which help to develop their core skills and lead to them becoming confident, independent swimmers.

Competitive sport and our annual Sports Day give children the chance to perform at their personal best and encourage team spirit and healthy competition.

My favourite activity is dribbling a football to the end of the line and practising moving it around my body

Charlie, Aged 6

I love free play in the swimming pool.

Jaydon, Aged 6


Winter and Spring Term

  • Girls wear a grey pinafore dress with a white blouse and school regulation cardigan or jumper.
  • Girls may wear grey trousers if they prefer.
  • Girls’ socks / tights should be white or grey.
  • Boys wear grey trousers with a white shirt and school tie and regulation jumper or sleeveless slip over.
  • Boys’ socks should be grey or white.
  • Both boys and girls wear the school regulation coat but can also wear the blazer in appropriate weather.
  • There is a regulation fleece hat and matching scarf for the very cold weather.
  • Gloves should be grey, navy or black.
  • On PE and swimming days (Yrs 1 & 2) both girls and boys wear the school regulation grey tracksuit with the regulation polo shirt and school coat or blazer.
  • Footwear should be black or navy school shoes except for PE and Swimming days (Yrs 1 & 2) when children should wear Velcro fastening trainers which are plain  black, navy or white – no flashing lights.
  • Children in Yrs 1 & 2 need the regulation kit bag with a one-piece swimsuit, swimming hat and towel, all clearly named.

Summer Term

  • Girls wear the regulation blue and white striped dress with the regulation cardigan or jumper, white socks,  school blazer and regulation white sun hat.
  • If required girls may wear white shorts or white above the knee leggings under their dresses.
  • Boys wear grey shorts with the regulation white polo shirt, school slipover or jumper, white or grey socks, school blazer and regulation white sun hat.
  • On PE and Swimming (Yrs 1 & 2) days the children wear the regulation white polo shirt with white shorts  – tracksuit on top if needed.
  • Footwear and Swimwear are the same all year round.


Sun hats and kagools should remain at school throughout the Summer Term!

Please provide your child with a water bottle and holder/strap across their body so their hands can be free.


Please name all items of clothing and belongings clearly.

Please provide every child from Reception Year upwards with a navy or black pac-a-mac/ kagool which should be carried with them at all times.

Uniform List

Medication Form