Hampstead Hill School is a non-selective environment and as such children are not required to sit a competitive assessment to join us. We are a school which prepares children for competitive entry into private day schools in London and in some circumstances elsewhere. This means that children will be introduced to an academic life earlier than in some other schools and that the academic work, particularly in Years 1 and 2, is taught at an accelerated pace in order to enable children to reach the standards required by the schools they are entering for.


We are an inclusive school and children with disabilities and SEN requirements are welcomed. It is always our intention to ensure that all children with us enjoy their learning experience, so this sometimes means that we are not the most suitable environment for every child, particularly in the older year groups.


Parents are encouraged to register as early as possible by completing the Admission Form on the school website. An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent by the School Co-ordinator but please note this is not an automated process, so a response may take a few days. The main entry point is September each year and we start the process of offering in the preceding January.  There are sometimes occasional places at other points in the year.


Siblings of children within the school and ex pupils’ children will be given a priority but parents of such children are asked to complete the Admission Form in good time please.


With the exception of siblings/ex pupils’ children, places are given from wait lists which are established for each intake and each year group. In the Early Years, between the ages of 2yrs and 3yrs, there are four separate lists to ensure that children born in the Summer months have an opportunity to join us. This is the largest entry point and around 78 places are offered each year.   In the Pre-Reception year group (3yrs turning 4yrs) there are 24 places and sometimes a few more. In the Reception year group on average there are between 4 and 8 places but again this can be less or more depending on circumstances. Occasional places may occur for the Year 1 age group. Entry into Year 2 is usually only offered to anyone seeking a year’s schooling with a pre-determined destination school already in place, as this year group will go straight into assessments in the first term.


Parents will always be given an opportunity to view the school before making a decision on an offered place. We choose to show individual families around the school rather than have open days so that parents may experience a more personalised visit. This means that parents may sometimes have to wait quite some time before seeing the school. Each entry is dealt with in order, and as a general rule parents should not expect to see the school before their child is at least one year old.


The School Co-ordinator, Sian Hoskins is solely responsible for the admissions process and all enquiries should be made to .

Thank you.