After School Clubs

Hampstead Hill School offers a variety of after school activities  for children from Pre-Reception Year upwards. The children are taught by professionals, charges are competitive,  and where relevant  there are  open classes for Parents at the end of each school year. These activities are very popular and frequently have long waiting lists.

There are currently four after school classes timetabled for children from Pre-Reception through to Year 2.  These classes, which are listed below, can be booked from July each year and are then confirmed places for the three ‘terms’ in the whole of the following school year.   Half a term’s notice must please be given if you wish your child to stop a particular activity.

Current clubs include Drama, Gymnastics, Chess and  Dance .

Obviously numbers have to be restricted appropriately so once the class list is filled applications will be placed on a waiting list and parents contacted if a space becomes available.

If you would like more information about after-school activities please call the School Administration desk.