Nursery School

Welcome to The Nursery School.

The Lower School consists of three Year Groups, based in St Stephen’s Hall and the Garden classrooms, and is made up of Early Years (age 2–3), Pre-Reception (age 3–4) and Reception (age 4–5).  All Lower School classes follow The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum as defined in Section 39 of the British Government’s Childcare Act 2006.  The EYFS comprises a set of Welfare Requirements and a set of Learning and Development Requirements, which must be followed by providers of care for children below 5 years of age, which is the age of compulsory education in the United Kingdom.

The Early Years classes have a high staff to pupil ratio and every member of staff promotes the happiness, health and education of the children through loving care, adult and child initiated play and early learning activities. In Pre-Reception Year the main emphasis of the EYFS continues to be learning through play and teachers frequently organise activities that are tailored to an individual child or group of children’s specific interests.  Pre-Reception Year children are encouraged to take part in more formal learning situations as the year progresses so that by the end of the academic year they are able to actively participate in class lessons.

Reception Year is the last year of the EYFS during which the children will achieve many, if not all, of the 17 EYFS Early Learning Goals. In the Reception classes the children’s lessons become more formal but the syllabus remains very broad and varied and weekly PE and Swimming lessons are introduced.  In preparation for moving into Year 1 daily Reading is sent home and Literacy, Spelling and Numeracy homework is introduced half way through the year.  The Reception Year staff always make sure that they maintain an appropriate balance of formal and play based learning and take great care in ensuring that all children are supported and nurtured throughout the year.  The children hold three performances for parents during the Reception Year, a short Christmas Concert, a short Play at the end of the Spring Term and a Summer Show in July.

Every child at Hampstead Hill is given the opportunity, with the help of structured activities, play equipment and many other resources, to develop their emotional, physical, social and intellectual capabilities, thus preparing them for the next stage of their educational journey.

More information about the EYFS and the Early Learning Goals can be found under Class Sections.