Lower School Day

Lower School Hours

7.45am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday (51 Weeks per year)

In the Hampstead Hill School Early Years setting and Reception Year children are taught reading, writing and mathematics as part of the daily syllabus, working to fulfill the aims of the EYFS and beyond. Other classes include language development, simple nature study, art, craft, cookery, nutrition, poetry, & drama, PE & games, modern languages and swimming (Reception Year). History, geography and science are taught from 4 years of age. Singing, movement and music in every form are some of our most important occupations and the Reception Year classes put on two Concerts during that year. The School building is surrounded by a large garden which is in constant use by the children throughout the year and is an added source of happiness in their school life.

From mid-July each year the Reception Year classes join together to form a Junior Holiday Scheme (additional costs may apply). They enjoy many and varied educational and fun activities including music/drama/art & craft workshops, sports courses, nature rambles, visits to museums and places of interest and day-long outings.

It is expected that all children in Pre-Reception will stay at school until at least 2.15pm daily as we cannot fit the expanding syllabus into the mornings only from this stage. We are happy to accommodate any different combination of hours should this be requested and we can also offer extra hours to any family whose child usually attends on a part-time basis but need more on a temporary basis, in an emergency or in any other circumstances. The School is not under any obligation to keep a child’s place open if fees are unpaid or in arrears, unless a special arrangement has been made.

Children who choose to sit the 4+ assessments for other schools remain on our waiting list for places in the Upper School. You will be asked to fill in a form about your intention to sit these assessments at the appropriate time.

The Lower School remains open throughout the year, except for Bank Holidays and a period at Christmas and New Year which varies according to  where the Festive Season dates fall.

Three months notice is required, in writing, before a pupil is withdrawn or fees will be charged in lieu.

We offer a variety of sessions ranging from half-days to full time.