Lower School Uniform

Winter and Spring Terms

Children wear comfortable school regulation tracksuits with white polo shirts underneath and the school coat on top.  Very young children in Classes 1 to 4 can wear their own outdoor coats, hats and scarves.

There is a grey fleece hat and matching scarf for the very cold weather.

There are no regulation shoes at this stage but we would be grateful if children wore plain coloured footwear without flashing lights.

If girls prefer they can wear a grey pinafore dress with the white polo shirt and a tracksuit top.

Summer Term

Girls wear the regulation blue and white summer dress with either their tracksuit top or regulation cardigan and white socks.

Boys wear grey shorts with the regulation white polo shirt and a tracksuit top or regulation  slipover.

For outdoors children can wear the regulation school blazer or a navy or black lightweight anorak or kagool.  All children must have the regulation white sun hat.

Reception Year

Winter and Spring Terms

In Reception Year girls wear a grey pinafore dress with a white blouse, or white shirt and tie, and school regulation cardigan or jumper.     Girls’ socks / tights should be white or grey.

Boys wear grey trousers with a white shirt and school tie and regulation jumper or sleeveless slip over.   Boys socks should be grey or white.

Both boys and girls wear the school regulation coat but can also wear the blazer in appropriate weather.

There is a regulation fleece hat and matching scarf for the very cold weather.

Gloves should be grey, navy or black.

On PE and swimming day both girls and boys wear the school regulation grey tracksuit with the regulation polo shirt and school coat or blazer.

In Reception Year footwear should be black or navy school shoes except for PE and Swimming day when children should wear Velcro fastening trainers which are as plain as possible – no flashing lights.

For swimming and PE children should have the regulation kit bag with a one piece swimsuit, swimming hat and towel.