Lower School Sports Provisions

Reception Year – PE and Swimming

In Reception Year the children have PE and Swimming lessons every week during term time. We use the main hall of St Stephen’s for PE and the swimming pool just down the road from School at the Royal Free Recreation Club.

In PE the children take part in a wide variety of activities over the course of the year, sometimes in groups and sometimes as individuals. All PE lessons are designed to develop children’s gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, ball skills, balance and general physical abilities as well as teaching them about sportsmanship, being good team players and working together to reach a goal.

Each Reception Year class splits their children into small groups of similar ability for swimming so that they have some one-to-one time in the water. Swimming is taught from the side of the pool by a Reception Year teacher, who is also a qualified swimming teacher, and one of the class teachers always goes in the pool with the children. Because every child’s swimming ability is different, with some already able to swim, some confident in the water and some who have never been swimming before, our main aim over the course of the year is to improve their confidence and skills in the water to an appropriate level.