Upper School Uniform

Winter and Spring Terms

  • In the Upper School girls wear a grey pinafore dress with a white blouse, or white shirt and tie, and school regulation cardigan or jumper.
  • Girls’ socks / tights should be white or grey.
  • Boys wear grey trousers with a white shirt and school tie and regulation jumper or sleeveless slip over.
  • Boys socks should be grey or white.
  • Both boys and girls wear the school regulation coat but can also wear the blazer in appropriate weather.
  • There is a regulation fleece hat and matching scarf for the very cold weather.
  • Gloves should be grey, navy or black.
  • On PE and swimming day both girls and boys wear the school regulation grey tracksuit with the regulation polo shirt and school coat or blazer.
  • In the Upper School footwear should be black or navy school shoes except for PE and Swimming day when children should wear Velcro fastening trainers which are as plain as possible – no flashing lights.
  • For swimming and PE children should have the regulation kit bag with a one-piece swimsuit, swimming hat and towel.

Summer Term

  • Girls wear the regulation blue and white striped dress with the regulation cardigan or jumper, white socks,  school blazer and regulation white sun hat.
  • Boys wear grey shorts with the regulation white polo shirt, school slipover or jumper, white or grey socks, school blazer and regulation white sun hat.
  • On PE and Swimming day the children wear the regulation white polo shirt with white shorts  – tracksuit on top if needed.
  • Footwear and Swimwear are the same all year round.


Please name all items of clothing and belongings clearly.

Please provide every child from Reception Year upwards with a navy or black pac-a-mac/ kagool which should be carried with them at all times.