Upper School Sports Provisions

We believe Physical Education and Swimming Lessons provide each child with the opportunity to develop their core skills and confidence. The children take part in a variety of activities, including gymnastics, dance and games. They learn to be aware of and control their bodies and are taught the benefits of leading a healthy and active life.

Children in Years 1 and 2 enjoy weekly Swimming and PE lessons at the Royal Free Recreation Centre. They learn about water safety and engage in a variety of activities which help to develop their core skills and lead to them becoming confident, independent swimmers.

Competitive sport and our annual Sports Day give children the chance to perform at their personal best and encourage team spirit and healthy competition.

Quote from Charlie, aged 6:  ‘My favourite activity is dribbling a football to the end of the line and practising moving it around my body.’

Quote from Jaydon, aged 6: ‘I love free play in the swimming pool.’