School Life

Welcome to Hampstead Hill School where your child can spend the most important and formative early years being  part of our warm and caring extended family . Parent can leave their children knowing that they are being loved and nurtured as well as soundly educated.

The area around the school (Green Zone)  and the impact on this and its residents is of the utmost importance for us. We strive with our school families to minimise disruption and reduce our footprint on the local environment.

Drive safely/slowly around our school – most roads in London Borough of Camden have a 20 miles per hour speed limit. We encourage parents/guardians to travel to our school using sustainable modes of transport where possible, however we appreciate that some families need to drive. We are urging parents who have to drive their children to school to ensure they drive below 20mph to help increase compliance with the speed limit. This helps everyone to make the streets safer and more pleasant to travel around, and reduces the risk of collisions.