Travelling To School

Hampstead Hill School has a Green Travel Plan in place and it is our policy to actively encourage walking/use of public transport and discourage use of cars whenever possible. These methods of transport to and from school benefit the children’s physical health, support the moves to improve air pollution and help the local environment. We can accommodate younger pupil’s pushchairs as well as scooters and bicycles. We also actively encourage car-pooling where cars have to be used. We keep full, up-to-date lists of all areas where families live and will help all we can to link up families living in the same postal districts.

Drive safely/slowly around our school – most roads in London Borough of Camden have a 20 miles per hour speed limit. We encourage parents/guardians to travel to our school using sustainable modes of transport where possible, however we appreciate that some families need to drive. We are urging parents who have to drive their children to school to ensure they drive below 20mph to help increase compliance with the speed limit. This helps everyone to make the streets safer and more pleasant to travel around, and reduces the risk of collisions.

This is a website that has been set up by a gentleman called Chris Hughes, a parent himself but with no connection to HHS.   It promotes a car sharing scheme for parents and is available around the UK.   The aim is to reduce congestion around schools and to help the environment. Use of this website and subsequent car sharing arrangements are private arrangements between interested parties. HHS will not organise or manage the facility and will not be held responsible or liable in connection with its use.